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If you want the monetization of your website to be successful, and, consequently, if you want to earn good profits with your website, the main thing you should do is to have many visitors. Of course, you can just buy traffic, but lots and lots visitors usually come from the search systems. That is why it's very important to promote your website in these systems, and that's why you have to pay attention to them. Because, well, let's be honest — without a promotion only your friends and family will attend your website. Do you need it? We believe no.

70% of visitors come to your website through Yandex, and that is the reason why webmasters work with this search engine. We can't say that it's easier to promote your website in Yandex than in Google, but the popularity of Yandex speaks for itself. Today, Yandex is popular not only in Russia and post-USSR countries, but all over the world! There are no major differences in promoting websites in Google and in Yandex, but you have to pay attention to the details.

So, let's talk about these details!

The most serious difference between Yandex and Google is that their algorithms work differently. Google usually adds websites to the search results pages after twelve hours or so. Talking about Yandex, much more time is usually needed. We'd call Yandex algorithms chaotic — some pages are indexed in 30 minutes while others can wait for a few weeks until this work is done. It's not easy to understand how are websites added to the top of the search results. When you promote your website in Google, your resource will rise slowly but surely. Yandex often mix the search queries so your website can get to top no matter what have you done to it. That is why it's not so easy to get to the top of Yandex search results (you can't just buy website traffic and wait). The process can be difficult, but you shouldn't give up if something goes wrong. Patience is needed to work with Yandex.

Stability is important

Yandex algorithms of work can lead to an interesting situation — competitive websites can promote equally even if their budget differs. Let's give a simple example. Imagine that you have two websites, specialized in medicine. That means that their "behavior" will be mostly equal. You promote the first website actively, you buy website traffic and spend lots of money, and you don't buy traffic for the second website often — second website can be higher at the result page even if you don't spend much money on it regularly.

All this means that it's very important to work stable and regular if you work with Yandex. You should be very patient if you want to get your website to the top of the results in Yandex. This search engine "likes" websites that work for a long time more than those which were created for a short period of time. It means that you'd better create a website, buy website traffic and update your website regularly — it's very likely that your website will get to the top of search results. If you want your website to work for a long time — avoid short-term results. They will not work in future.

Inner optimization

When you work with Yandex, you have to pay even more attention to the inner optimization than to the outer one. But here are two sides of the coin. At first, you have to optimize the articles at your Internet-resources. You shouldn't also forget about adding at least one article every day. Every day — and here we come to the regularity again.

What should you do with content?

  • add at least one article every day. Regularly, day by day;
  • make a "boom!" every week. Add 7-10 articles at holidays;
  • once per month you can add even more articles, but you shouldn't do it too often.

Such a stability and regularity would be enough for Yandex as a search engine.

The size of such texts should be average. You shouldn't make bigger or smaller texts than your competitors make. Pictures, videos and other content will most likely give you even more money. It would be useful to use links at your articles. Texts themselves should be appropriate to the subject, as well as they should be interesting, useful and knowing! You can just buy website traffic, but if you want to attract visitors you have to make good content.  Remember, that in case if your don't have enough time to work with it, you can hire a copywriter who will do your job.

The second important thing is the structure of your website — it should be clear and user-friendly. If your website includes lots of different sector-specific themes, every page should be in top of search results. On the other hand, if you have, for example, a cinema-website, you should at first buy traffic and get visitors to the main page, from which it will be redirected to the other pages.

Increasing of attendance

We highly recommend to pay attention to this question, because all in all, the more people visit your website, the more chances you have to see it the top of a search results pages. There are lots of methods of promoting your website:

  • Contact to specialized companies.
  • Exchange of links with other webmasters, who own website with the similar subject to your website.
  • Placing your links at different groups and communities at social networks, such as Vkontakte, Facebook, OK, etc. That's how it's possible to earn money on social networks.
  • You can just buy website traffic, finally.
  • You can place your links at different forums.

These above-listed methods of promoting of your website are the most relevant nowadays.

How to buy traffic?

It feels like we should pay attention to this point, because it's highly recommended by specialists as the best method to promote your website. When you buy website traffic, the quality meets the price. Specialists also recommend to use the Internet-resource, called Promoheads ( if you want to sell or to buy traffic, because it's one of the most effective among such websites. It works quite simple.

In order to sell traffic and clicks, the users register at the system and get a special link which they will have to place at the Internet — wherever it's possible. The cooperation of those who sell and buy traffic is usually very profitable for both parties — selling clicks can give you great money.

Here you'll meet real specialists which means you will most likely get the high quality targeted traffic, and such traffic is very valuable by the professional webmasters.

You shouldn't pay in advance — you will not pay for the placing your link, only for the clicks that would be made. It gives you special guarantees of a result and can help you to plan your budget more carefully and better. Right after your website is finally popular, you can earn money on selling clicks by yourself! You can place links at your Internet resource and earn money on it. Good money!

Why is it interesting for you?

  • Earning money at websites is an attractive way to earn money for many Internet-users because of such reasons:
  • Your social status isn't important at all, because people need the work to be done, nothing else.
  • You have lots of opportunities to realize your creative potential fully.
  • You choose your working hours by yourself. If you want to have a holiday or a break, you can!
  • Your work travels with you, in your laptop.
  • No one will tell you what you should do and where should you work. You can work at home, in a park, on a beach or even in a different country!

That is why creating websites is such a popular thing. Maybe it's time for you to try?

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